Mrs Danvers

Photography by Sam Meyer
Hair and Makeup by Kate Garrett

A personal project for my final major project at university, I chose to make a dress for the character of Mrs Danvers from Daphne Du Maurier's 1938 novel Rebecca.

The head housekeeper to the stately home owned my Maximillian De Winter, Mrs Danvers is consumed with grief for Maxim's late wife Rebecca. She resents his new wife, convinced she is trying to take Rebecca's place and tries to manipulate her into committing suicide. She is a bitter, sinister character, filled with hate with a powerful presence. 

I chose to keep with Mrs Danvers classic look with a long black wool crepe dress. The embroidery on the sleeves is of Hemlock and Asphodel. Hemlock is a poisonous plant which has been said to mean 'you will be the death of me', whilst Asphodel has been known to warn of deadly foes nearby. The center back and cuffs are fastened with rouleau loops.